Introduction to the new Cart Advertising Technology 

It is a system where projectors mounted on the vehicle generate images on the surrounding of the vehicle itself by projecting onto the street floor ahead on the side or even on the rear of the vehicle. The projectors are connected to external servers through 4G/LTE internet, which enables swift update of the

media being broadcasted. Further it allows the media playlist to change based on time, date and GPS location of the vehicle. 

The Echo Light System is a patented technology. 

Information about the Patent can be found at the following link: 

Please see a video clip of an early test: 

Communication flow 

The Central Server sends data for the media to be projected via wireless internet connection, such as 4G to a local server, aboard the vehicles. The Local Server distributes the visual data to the projectors and updates the media being projected. A GPS in the system allows the control of the media such as on/off status of the projectors, and advertising content based on location, time, and, if known, the destination of the vehicle. 

Benefits of the Echo Light System for Airport Trolleys & Mall Shopping Carts

Easy to implement 

The Echo Light System for Airport Trolleys & Mall Shopping Carts is very easy to implement due to a simple set up of components. The system comes with a ten-hour battery pack. 

The current unit measures 9.5” x 6.3” and with a depth of 2.85”. It has special designed shock absorbers that will protect the projectors from the shocks and bumps when they are used and collected.

More Flexible Advertising 

The Echo Light System for Airport Trolleys & Mall Shopping Carts allows advertising content to be broadcasted based on time, location and destination of the cart. This means that advertisers can target their desired segment in a much more precise way than previously possible. 

The above mentioned along with allowing advertising to be pushed to the cart from a central server allows easy media update and further gives clients flexibility to advertise based on needs, fast, easy and effective. It can show specific advertising based on users preferences (using i.e. Google adwords search of user)

Low level of maintenance and operations cost 

Besides that the Echo Light System for Airport Trolleys & Mall Shopping Carts being a low maintenance and high revenue system, it is also cost effective with regards to operations cost due to low power consumption, low installation & repair cost; imagine having to use flat screen TV’s instead of Echo Light System for Airport Trolleys & Mall Shopping Carts if we set aside that it would be very intrusive and block vehicle doors and windows, factors such as high power consumption, weight, installation, repair and exchange cost.

Full usage of cart revenue potential 

Whether the vehicle is operating in its normal use, it can be generating revenue for the vehicle owner. If for an instance no customers or requests from passengers are made, the vehicle is, by just being parked, a mobile digital advertising spot that can generate substantial revenue for Cart owners and operators as well as shops within the airport.

Low requirement of space 

It does not require much space to facilitate the Echo Light System on carts, and the projectors are specifically designed to take as little space as possible. They can be stacked. Further, the system is mobile and, if a vehicle is sent for repair, can safely and quickly be transferred to another vehicle to ensure continued revenue. 

Rare, but easy replacement 

LED and Laser projectors rarely need replacement. The Echo 

Light System uses LED projectors with minimum 20,000 hours Lamp Life. 

Changing the Projector box can be designed to be plug and play, so that by replacing the single unit projector box, the vehicle is ready to be used again.

Both the long-life cycle of the projectors, fast change of projectors and the fact that you don’t have to change the rest of the system, effectively reduces the cost for both operation and maintenance. 

Cost, Numbers & Terms

We have calculated that the unit price for each projection system will be approximately $900-1,200, depending on how many are purchased and a yearly patent royalty fee of $100-400 per unit. 

Besides the cost for the patent fee, which goes to The One Times, and the unit price which goes to the EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service), who will provide the actual units, all revenue is towards the airport/shopping mall and its advertising partner. 

Each cart will generate 200,000 minutes of advertising yearly when used 10 hours a day and even sold at $0.10 will generate $20,000 annually. 

Further, we can provide the airport or supermarket advertising partner with an exclusive that ensures them the right to use the technology wherever they find it applicable at the above-mentioned prices to ensure their continued operation and to establish a long term cooperation.